Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 664 (Safety)

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#664. Safety. -- N. safety, security, surety, impregnability; invulnerability, invulnerableness &c. Adj.; danger past, danger over; storm blown over; coast clear; escape &c. 671; means of escape; blow valve, safety valve, release valve, sniffing valve; safeguard, palladium.

guardianship, wardship, wardenship; tutelage, custody, safekeeping; preservation &c. 670; protection, auspices.

safe-conduct, escort, convoy; guard, shield &c. (defense) 717; guardian angel; tutelary god, tutelary deity, tutelary saint; genius loci.

protector, guardian; warden, warder; preserver, custodian, duenna[Sp], chaperon, third person.

watchdog, bandog[obs]; Cerberus; watchman, patrolman, policeman; cop, dick, fuzz, smokey, peeler|, zarp|[all slang]; sentinel, sentry, scout &c. (warning) 668; garrison; guardship[obs].

[Means of safety] refuge &c. anchor &c. 666; precaution &c. (preparation) 673; quarantine, cordon sanitaire[Fr]. confidence &c. 858[Sense of security].

V. be safe &c. Adj.; keep one's head above water, tide over, save one's bacon; ride out the storm, weather the storm; light upon one's feet, land on one's feet; bear a charmed life; escape &c. 671.

make safe , render safe &c. Adj.; protect; take care of &c. (care) 459; preserve &c. 670; cover, screen, shelter, shroud, flank, ward; guard &c. (defend) 717; secure &c. (restrain) 751; entrench, intrench[obs], fence round &c. (circumscribe) 229; house, nestle, ensconce; take charge of.

escort, convoy; garrison; watch, mount guard, patrol.

make assurance doubly sure &c. (caution) 864; take up a loose thread; take precautions &c. (prepare for) 673; double reef topsails.

seek safety; take shelter, find shelter &c. 666.

Adj. safe, secure, sure; in safety, in security; on the safe side; under the shield of, under the shade of, under the wing of, under the shadow of one's wing; under cover, under lock and key; out of danger, out of the woods, out of the meshes, out of harm's way; unharmed, unscathed; on sure ground, at anchor, high and dry, above water; unthreatened[obs], unmolested; protected &c. v.; cavendo tutus[Lat]; panoplied &c. (defended) 717[obs].

snug, seaworthy; weatherproof, waterproof, fireproof.

defensible, tenable, proof against, invulnerable; unassailable, unattackable, impenetrable; impregnable, imperdible|; inexpugnable; Achillean[obs].

safe and sound &c. (preserved) 670;scathless &c. (perfect) 650[obs]; unhazarded[obs]; not dangerous &c. 665.

unthreatening, harmless; friendly (cooperative) 709.

protecting, protective &c. v.; guardian, tutelary; preservative &c. 670; trustworthy &c 939.

adv. ex abundanti cautela[Lat][obs]; with impunity.

phr. all's well; salva res est[Lat]; suave mari magno[Lat]; a couvert[Fr]; e terra alterius spectare laborem [Lat][Lucretius]; Dieu vous garde[Fr].