Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 459 (Care)

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#459. Care. [Vigilance.] -- N. care, solicitude, heed; heedfulness &c. adj.; scruple &c. (conscientiousness) 939.

watchfulness &c. adj.; vigilance, surveillance, eyes of Argus[obs], watch, vigil, look out, watch and ward, loeil du maitre[Fr].

alertness &c. (activity) 682; attention &c. 457; prudence &c., circumspection &c. (caution) 864; anxiety; forethought &c. 510; precaution &c. (preparation) 673; tidiness &c. (order) 58, (cleanliness) 652; accuracy &c. (exactness) 494; minuteness, attention to detail.

V. be careful &c. adj.; reck[obs]; take care &c. (be cautious) 864; pay attention to &c. 457; take care of; look to, look after, see to, see after; keep an eye on, keep a sharp eye on; chaperon, matronize[obs], play gooseberry; keep watch, keep watch and ward; mount guard, set watch, watch; keep in sight, keep in view; mind, mind one's business.

look sharp, look about one; look with one's own eyes; keep a good lookout, keep a sharp lookout; have all one's wits about one, have all one's eyes about one; watch for &c. (expect) 507; keep one's eyes open, have the eyes open, sleep with one's eye open.

Adj. careful regardful, heedful; taking care &c. v.; particular; prudent &c. (cautious) 864; considerate; thoughtful &c. (deliberative) 451; provident &c. (prepared) 673; alert &c. (active) 682; sure-footed.

guarded, on one's guard; on the qui vivre[Fr], on the alert, on watch, on the lookout; awake, broad awake, vigilant; watchful, wakeful, wistful; Argus-eyed; wide awake &c. (intelligent) 498; on the watch for (expectant) 507.

tidy &c. (orderly) 58, (clean) 652; accurate &c. (exact) 494; scrupulous &c. (conscientious) 939; cavendo tutus &c. (safe) 664[Lat].

Adv. carefully &c. adj.; with care, gingerly.

Phr. quis custodiet istos custodes? [Latin: who will watch the watchers?]; "care will kill a cat" [Wither]; ni bebas agua que no veas [Sp]; "O polished perturbation! Golden care!" [Henry IV]; "the incessant care and labor of his mind" [Henry IV].