Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 668 (Warning)

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#668. Warning. -- N. warning, early warning, caution, caveat; notice &c. (information) 527; premonition, premonishment[obs]; prediction &c. 511; contraindication, lesson, dehortation[obs]; admonition, monition; alarm &c. 669.

handwriting on the wall, mene mene tekel upharsin, red flag, yellow flag; fog-signal, foghorn; siren; monitor, warning voice, Cassandra[obs], signs of the times, Mother Cary's chickens[obs], stormy petrel, bird of ill omen, gathering clouds, clouds in the horizon, death watch.

watchtower, beacon, signal post; lighthouse &c. (indication of locality) 550. sentinel, sentry,; watch, watchman; watch and ward; watchdog, bandog[obs], housedog[obs]; patrol, patrolman, vedette[obs], picket, bivouac, scout, spy, spial|; undercover agent, mole, plainclothesman; advanced guard, rear guard; lookout.

cautiousness &c. 864.

monitor, guard camera,

radar, AWACS, spy satellite, spy-in-the-sky, U2 plane, spy plane.

V. warn, caution; forewarn, prewarn[obs]; admonish, premonish[obs]; give notice, give warning, dehort[obs]; menace &c. (threaten) 909; put on one's guard; sound the alarm &c. 669; croak.

beware, ware; take warning, take heed at one's peril; keep watch and ward &c. (care) 459.

Adj. warning &c. v.; premonitory, monitory, cautionary; admonitory, admonitive[obs]; sematic[Biol].

warned, forewarned &c. v.; on one's guard &c. (careful) 459, (cautious) 864.

Adv. in terrorem[Lat] &c. (threat) 909.

Int. beware! ware! take care! look out! fore![golf], mind what you are about!, take care what you are about! mind!

Phr. ne reveillez pas le chat qui dort [French: don't wake a sleeping cat]; foenum habet in cornu[Lat]; caveat actor; le silence du people est la legon des rois[Fr]; verbum sat sapienti [Latin: a word to the wise is sufficient]; un averti en vaut deux[Fr].