Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 671 (Escape)

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#671. Escape. -- N.escape, scape; avolation|, elopement, flight; evasion &c. (avoidance) 623; retreat; narrow escape, hairbreadth escape; close call; come off, impunity.

[Means of escape] loophole &c. (opening) 260; path &c. 627; refuse &c. 666; vent, vent peg; safety valve; drawbridge, fire escape.

reprieve &c. (deliverance) 672; liberation &c. 750. refugee &c. (fugitive) 623.

V. escape, scape; make one's escape, effect one's escape, make good one's escape; break jail; get off, get clear off, get well out of; echapper belle[Fr], save one's bacon, save one's skin; weather the storm &c. (safe) 664; escape scot-free.

elude &c., make off &c. (avoid) 623;. march off &c. (go away) 293; give one the slip; slip through the hands, slip through the fingers; slip the collar, wriggle out of prison, break out, break loose, break loose from prison; break away, slip away, get away; find vent, find a hole to creep out of.

disappear, vanish.

Adj..escaping, escaped &c. v. stolen away, fled.

Phr. the bird has flown the coop.