Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 858 (Hope)

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#858. Hope. -- N. hope, hopes; desire &c. 865; fervent hope, sanguine expectation, trust, confidence, reliance; faith &c. (belief) 484; affiance, assurance; secureness, security; reassurance.

good omen, good auspices; promise, well grounded hopes; good prospect, bright prospect; clear sky.

assumption, presumption; anticipation &c. (expectation) 507.

hopefulness, buoyancy, optimism, enthusiasm, heart of grace, aspiration.

[person who is hopeful] optimist, utopian, utopist[obs].

castles in the air, castles in Spain, chateaux en Espagne[Fr], le pot aut lait[Fr], Utopia, millennium; day dream, golden dream; dream of Alnaschar[obs]; airy hopes, fool's paradise; mirage &c. (fallacies of vision) 443; fond hope.

beam of hope, ray of hope, gleam of hope, glimmer of hope, flash of hope, dawn of hope, star of hope; cheer; bit of blue sky, silver lining, silver lining of the cloud, bottom of Pandora's box, balm in Gilead; light at the end of the tunnel.

anchor, sheet anchor, mainstay; staff &c. (support) 215; heaven &c. 981.

V. hope, trust, confide, rely on, put one's trust in; lean upon; pin one's hope upon, pin one's faith upon &c. (believe) 484.

feel hope, entertain hope, harbor hope, indulge hope, cherish hope, feed hope, foster hope, nourish hope, encourage hope, cling to hope, live in hope, &c. n.; see land; feel assured, rest assured, feel confident, rest confident &c. adj.

presume; promise oneself; expect &c. (look forward to) 507.

hope for &c. (desire) 865; anticipate.

be hopeful &c. adj.; look on the bright side of, view on the sunny side, voir en couleur de rose[Fr], make the best of it, hope for the best; put a good face upon, put a bold face upon, put the best face upon; keep one's spirits up; take heart, take heart of grace; be of good heart, be of good cheer; flatter oneself, "lay the flattering unction to one's soul"

catch at a straw[hamlet], hope against hope, reckon one's chickens before they are hatched, count one's chickens before they are hatched.

[cause hope] give hope, inspire hope, raise hope, hold out hope &c. n.; promise, bid fair, augur well, be in a fair way, look up, flatter, tell a flattering tale; raise expectations[sentient subject]; encourage, cheer, assure, reassure, buoy up, embolden.

Adj. hoping &c. v.; in hopes &c. n.; hopeful, confident; secure &c. (certain) 484; sanguine, in good heart, buoyed up, buoyant, elated, flushed, exultant, enthusiastic; heartsome[obs]; utopian.

unsuspecting, unsuspicious; fearless, free from fear, free from suspicion, free from distrust, free from despair, exempt from fear, exempt from suspicion, exempt from distrust, exempt from despair; undespairing[obs], self reliant.

probable, on the high road to; within sight of shore, within sight of land; promising, propitious; of promise, full of promise; of good omen; auspicious, de bon augure[Fr]; reassuring; encouraging, cheering, inspiriting, looking up, bright, roseate, couleur de rose[Fr], rose- colored.

Adv. hopefully &c. adj.

Int. God speed!

Phr. nil desperandum [Lat][Horace]; never say die, dum spiro spero[Lat], latet scintillula forsan[Lat], all is for the best, spero meliora[Lat]; every cloud has a silver lining; " the wish being father to the thought" [Henry IV]; "hope told a flattering tale"; rusticus expectat dum defluat amnis[Lat][obs].

at spes non fracta[Lat]; ego spem prietio non emo [Lat][Terence]; un Dieu est ma fiance[Fr]; " hope! thou nurse of young desire " [Bickerstaff]; in hoc signo spes mea[Lat]; in hoc signo vinces[Lat]; la speranza e il pan de miseri[It]; l'esperance est le songe d'un homme eveille[Fr]; " the mighty hopes that make us men" [Tennyson]; " the sickening pang of hope deferred " [Scott].