Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 713 (Discord)

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#713. Discord. -- N. disagreement &c. 24; discord, disaccord[obs], dissidence, dissonance; jar, clash, shock; jarring, jostling &c. v.; screw loose.

variance, difference, dissension, misunderstanding, cross purposes, odds, brouillerie[Fr]; division, split, rupture, disruption, division in the camp, house divided against itself, disunion, breach; schism &c. (dissent) 489; feud, faction.

quarrel, dispute, tiff, tracasserie[obs], squabble, altercation, barney *[obs], demel, snarl, spat, towrow[obs], words, high words; wrangling &c. v.; jangle, brabble[obs], cross questions and crooked answers, snip-snap; family jars.

polemics; litigation; strife &c. (contention) 720; warfare &c. 722; outbreak, open rupture, declaration of war.

broil, brawl, row, racket, hubbub, rixation|; embroilment, embranglement[obs], imbroglio, fracas, breach of the peace, piece of work[Fr], scrimmage, rumpus; breeze, squall; riot, disturbance &c (disorder) 59; commotion &c. (agitation) 315; bear garden, Donnybrook, Donnybrook Fair.

subject of dispute, ground of quarrel, battle ground, disputed point; bone of contention, bone to pick; apple of discord, casus belli[Lat]; question at issue &c. (subject of inquiry) 461; vexed question, vexata quaestio[Lat], brand of discord.

troublous times[obs]; cat-and-dog life; contentiousness &c. adj.; enmity &c. 889; hate &c. 898; Kilkenny cats; disputant &c. 710; strange bedfellows.

V. be discordant &c. adj.; disagree, come amiss &c. 24; clash, jar, jostle, pull different ways, conflict, have no measures with, misunderstand one another; live like cat and dog; differ; dissent &c. 489; have a bone to pick, have a crow to pluck with.

fall out, quarrel, dispute; litigate; controvert &c. (deny) 536; squabble, wrangle, jangle, brangle[obs], bicker, nag; spar &c. (contend) 720; have words &c. n. with; fall foul of.

split; break with, break squares with, part company with; declare war, try conclusions; join issue, put in issue; pick a quarrel, fasten a quarrel on; sow dissension, stir up dissension &c. n.; embroil, entangle, disunite, widen the breach; set at odds, set together by the ears; set against, pit against.

get into hot water, fish in troubled waters, brawl; kick up a row, kick up a dust; turn the house out of window.

Adj. discordant; disagreeing &c. v.; out of tune, ajar, on bad terms, dissentient &c. 489; unreconciled, unpacified; contentious &c. 720.

quarrelsome, unpacific[obs]; gladiatorial, controversial, polemic, disputatious; factious; litigious, litigant; pettifogging.

at odds, at loggerheads, at daggers drawn, at variance, at issue, at cross purposes, at sixes and sevens, at feud, at high words; up in arms, together by the ears, in hot water, embroiled.

torn, disunited.

Phr. quot homines tot sententiae [Lat][Terence]; no love lost between them, non nostrum tantas componere lites [Lat][Vergil]; Mars gravior sub pace latet [Lat][Claudius].