Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 889 (Enmity)

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#889. Enmity.-- N. enmity, hostility; unfriendliness &c. adj.; discord &c. 713; bitterness, rancor.

alienation, estrangement; dislike &c. 867; hate &c. 898.

heartburning[obs]; animosity &c. 900; malevolence &c. 907.

V. be inimical &c. adj.; keep at arm's length, hold at arm's length; be at loggerheads; bear malice &c. 907; fall out; take umbrage &c. 900; harden the heart, alienate, estrange.

[not friendly, but not hostile see indifference 866].

Adj. inimical, unfriendly, hostile; at enmity, at variance, at daggers drawn,at open war with; up in arms against; in bad odor with.

on bad terms, not on speaking terms; cool; cold, cold hearted; estranged, alienated, disaffected, irreconcilable.