Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 489 (Dissent)

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#489. Dissent.-- N. dissent; discordance &c. (disagreement) 24; difference diversity of opinion.

nonconformity &c. (heterodoxy) 984; protestantism, recusancy, schism; disaffection; secession &c. 624; recantation &c. 607.

dissension &c (discord) 713; discontent &c. 832; cavilling.

protest; contradiction &c (denial) 536; noncompliance &c (rejection) 764.

dissentient, dissenter; non-juror, non-content, nonconformist; sectary, separatist, recusant, schismatic, protestant, heretic.

refusal &c. 764.

V. dissent, demur; call in question &c. (doubt) 485; differ in opinion, disagree; say no &c. 536; refuse assent, refuse to admit; cavil, protest, raise one's voice against, repudiate; contradict &c. (deny) 536.

have no notion of, differ toto caelo[Lat]; revolt at, revolt from the idea.

shake the head, shrug the shoulders; look askance, look askant[obs].

secede; recant &c. 607.

Adj. dissenting &c. v; negative &c. 536; dissident, dissentient; unconsenting &c. (refusing) 764; non-content, nonjuring[obs]; protestant, recusant; unconvinced, unconverted.

unavowed, unacknowledged; out of the question.

discontented &c. 832; unwilling &c. 603; extorted.

sectarian, denominational, schismatic; heterodox; intolerant.

Adv. no &c. 536; at variance, at issue with; under protest.

Int. God forbid! not for the world; I'll be hanged if; never tell me; your humble servant, pardon me.

Phr. many men many minds; quot homines tot sententiae [Lat][Terence]; tant s'en faut[Fr]; il s'en faut bien[Fr];no way; by no means; count me out.