Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 24 (Disagreement)

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#24. Disagreement. -- N. disagreement; discord, discordance; dissonance, dissidence, discrepancy; unconformity &c. 83; incongruity, incongruence[obs]; discongruity[obs], mesalliance; jarring &c. v.; dissension &c. 713; conflict &c. (opposition) 708; bickering, clashing, misunderstanding, wrangle.

disparity, mismatch, disproportion; dissimilitude, inequality; disproportionateness &c. adj[obs].; variance, divergence, repugnance.

unfitness &c. adj.; inaptitude, impropriety; inapplicability &c. adj.; inconsistency, inconcinnity[obs]; irrelevancy &c. (irrelation) 10[obs].

misjoining[obs], misjoinder[obs]; syncretism[obs], intrusion, interference; concordia discors[Lat].

fish out of water.

V. disagree; clash, jar &c. (discord) 713; interfere, intrude, come amiss; not concern &c. 10; mismatch; humano capiti cervicem jungere equinam[Lat].

Adj. disagreeing &c. v.; discordant, discrepant; at variance, at war; hostile, antagonistic, repugnant, incompatible, irreconcilable, inconsistent with; unconformable, exceptional &c. 83; intrusive, incongruous; disproportionate, disproportionated[obs]; inharmonious, unharmonious[obs]; inconsonant, unconsonant[obs]; divergent, repugnant to.

inapt, unapt, inappropriate, improper; unsuited, unsuitable; inapplicable, not to the point; unfit, unfitting, unbefitting; unbecoming; illtimed, unseasonable, mal a propos[Fr], inadmissible; inapposite &c. (irrelevant) 10. uncongenial; ill-assorted, ill-sorted; mismatched, misjoined[obs], misplaced, misclassified; unaccommodating, irreducible, incommensurable, uncommensurable[obs]; unsympathetic.

out of character, out of keeping, out of proportion, out of joint, out of tune, out of place, out of season, out of its element; at odds with, at variance with.

Adv. in defiance, in contempt,in spite of; discordantly &c. adj.; a tort et a travers[obs].

Phr. asinus ad lyram[Lat].