Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 695 (Advice)

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#695. Advice. -- N. advice, counsel, adhortation|; word to the wise; suggestion, submonition|, recommendation, advocacy; advisement.

exhortation &c. (persuasion) 615; expostulation &c. (dissuasion) 616; admonition &c. (warning) 668; guidance &c. (direction) 693.

instruction, charge, injunction, obtestation[obs]; Governor's message, President's message; King's message, Queen's speech; message, speech from the throne.

adviser, prompter; counsel, counselor; monitor, mentor, Nestor, magnus Apollo[Lat][obs], senator; teacher &c. 540.

guide, manual, chart &c. (information) 527.

physician, doctor, leech|!, archiater[obs].

arbiter &c. (judge) 967.

reference, referment[obs]; consultation, conference, pourparler.

V. advise, counsel; give advice, give counsel, give a piece of advice[Fr]; suggest, prompt, submonish[obs], recommend, prescribe, advocate; exhort &c. (persuade) 615.

enjoin, enforce, charge, instruct, call; call upon &c. (request) 765; dictate.

expostulate &c. (dissuade) 616; admonish &c. (warn) 668.

advise with; lay heads together, consult together; compare notes; hold a council, deliberate, be closeted with.

confer, consult, refer to, call in; take advice, follow advice; be advised by, have at one's elbow, take one's cue from.

Adj. recommendatory; hortative &c. (persuasive) 615; dehortatory &c. (dissuasive) 616[obs]; admonitory &c. (warning) 668.

Int. go to!

Phr. "give every man thine ear but few thy voice" [Hamlet]; "I pray thee cease thy counsel" [Much Ado About Nothing]; "my guide, philosopher, and friend" [Pope]; "'twas good advice and meant, my son be good" [Crabbe]; verbum sat sapienti [Latin: a word to the wise is sufficient]; vive memor leti[Lat]; "we, ask advice but we mean approbation" [Colton].