Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 967 (Judge)

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#967. Judge. -- N. judge; justice, justiciar[obs], justiciary[obs]; chancellor; justice of assize, judge of assize; recorder, common sergeant; puisne judge, assistant judge, county court judge; conservator of the peace, justice of the peace; J.P.; court &c. (tribunal) 966; magistrate, police magistrate, beak*; his worship, his honor, his lordship.

jury, twelve men in a box.

Lord Chancellor, Lord Justice; Master of the Rolls, Vice Chancellor; Lord Chief Justice, Chief Baron; Mr. Justice, Associate Justice, Chief Justice; Baron, Baron of the Exchequer.

jurat[Lat], assessor; arbiter, arbitrator; umpire; referee, referendary[obs]; revising barrister; domesman[obs]; censor &c. (critic) 480; barmaster[obs], ephor[obs]; grand juror, grand juryman; juryman, talesman.

archon, tribune, praetor, syndic, podesta[obs], mollah[obs], ulema, mufti, cadi[obs], kadi[obs]; Rhadamanthus[obs].

litigant &c. (accusation) 938.

V. adjudge &c. (determine) 480; try a case, try a prisoner.

Adj. judicial &c. 965.

Phr. "a Daniel come to judgment" [Merchant of Venice].