Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 527 (Information)

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#527. Information.-- N. information, enlightenment, acquaintance, knowledge &c. 490; publicity &c. 531; data &c. 467.

communication, intimation; notice, notification; enunciation, annunciation; announcement; communiqu; representation, round robin, presentment.

case, estimate, specification, report, advice, monition; news &c. 532; return &c. (record) 551; account &c. (description) 594; statement &c. (affirmation) 535.

mention; acquainting &c. v; instruction &c. (teaching) 537; outpouring; intercommunication, communicativeness.

informant, authority, teller, intelligencer[obs], reporter, exponent, mouthpiece;

informer, eavesdropper, delator, detective; sleuth; mouchard[obs], spy, newsmonger; messenger &c. 534; amicus curiae[Lat].

valet de place, cicerone, pilot, guide; guidebook, handbook; vade mecum[Latin]; manual; map, plan, chart, gazetteer; itinerary &c. (journey) 266.

hint, suggestion, innuendo, inkling, whisper, passing word, word in the ear, subaudition[obs], cue, byplay; gesture &c. (indication) 550; gentle hint, broad hint; verbum sapienti [Latin: a word to the wise]; insinuation &c. (latency) 526.

information theory.

[units of information] bit, byte, word, doubleword[Comp], quad word, paragraph, segment.

[information storage media] magnetic media, paper medium, optical media; random access memory, RAM; read-only memory, ROM; write once read mostly memory, WORM.

V. tell; inform, inform of; acquaint, acquaint with; impart, impart to; make acquaintance with, apprise, advise, enlighten, awaken; transmit.

let fall, mention, express, intimate, represent, communicate, make known; publish &c. 531; notify, signify, specify, convey the knowledge of.

let one know, have one to know; give one to understand; give notice; set before, lay before, put before; point out, put into one's head; put one in possession of; instruct &c. (teach) 537; direct the attention to &c. 457.

announce, annunciate; report, report progress; bringword[obs], send word, leave word, write word; telegraph, telephone; wire; retail, render an account; give an account &c. (describe) 594; state &c (affirm) 535.

[disclose inadvertently or reluctantly] let slip, blurt out, spill the beans, unburden oneself of, let off one's chest; disclose &c. 529.

show cause; explain &c. (interpret) 522.

hint; given an inkling of; give a hint, drop a hint, throw out a hint; insinuate; allude to, make allusion to; glance at; tip the wink &c. (indicate) 550; suggest, prompt, give the cue, breathe; whisper, whisper in the ear.

give a bit of one's mind; tell one plainly, tell once for all; speak volumes.

undeceive[obs], unbeguile[obs]; set right, correct, open the eyes of, disabuse, disillusion one of.

be informed of &c.; know &c 490; learn &c. 539; get scent of, get wind of, gather from; awaken to, open one's eyes to; become alive, become awake to; hear, overhear, understand.

come to one's ears, come to one's knowledge; reach one's ears.

Adj. informed &c. v.; communique; reported &c. v.; published &c. 531.

expressive &c. 516; explicit &c. (open) 525, (clear) 518; plain spoken &c, (artless) 703.

nuncupative, nuncupatory|; declaratory, expository; enunciative[obs]; communicative, communicatory[obs].

Adv. from information received.

Phr. a little bird told me; I heard it through the grapevine. #527a. Correction. [Correct an error of information; distinguish from correcting a flaw or misbehavior] -- N. correction.

disillusionment &c. 616.

V. correct, set right, set straight, put straight; undeceive[obs]; enlighten.

show one one's error; point out an error, point out a fallacy; pick out an error, pick out the fallacy; open one's eyes.

pick apart an argument, confutation &c. 479; reasoning &c. 476.

Adj. corrective.

Phr. I stand corrected.