Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 179 (Counteraction)

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#179. Counteraction.-- N. counteraction, opposition; contrariety &c. 14; antagonism, polarity; clashing &c. v.; collision, interference, inhibition, resistance, renitency, friction; reaction; retroaction &c. (recoil) 277; counterblast[obs]; neutralization &c. (compensation) 30; vis inertiae[Lat]; check &c. (hindrance) 706.

voluntary opposition &c. 708, voluntary resistance &c. 719; repression &c. (restraint) 751.

opposites, action and reaction, yang and yin, yang-yin (contrariety) 14.

V. counteract; run counter, clash, cross; interfere with, conflict with; contravene; jostle; go against, run against, beat against, militate against; stultify; antagonize, block, oppose &c. 708; traverse; withstand &c. (resist) 719; hinder &c. 706; repress &c. (restrain) 751; react &c. (recoil) 277.

undo, neutralize; counterpoise &c. (compensate) 30; overpoise[obs].

Adj. counteracting &c. v.; antagonistic, conflicting, retroactive, renitent, reactionary; contrary &c. 14.

Adv. although &c. 30; in spite of &c. 708; against.

Phr. "for every action there is a reaction, equal in force and opposite in direction" [Newton].