Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 708 (Opposition)

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#708. Opposition. -- N.. opposition, antagonism; oppugnancy[obs], oppugnation[obs]; impugnation|!; contrariety; contravention; counteraction &c. 179; counterplot.

cross fire, undercurrent, head wind.

clashing, collision, conflict.

competition, two of a trade, rivalry, emulation, race.

absence of aid &c. 708; resistance &c. 719; restraint &c. 751; hindrance &c. 706.

V. oppose, counteract, run counter to; withstand &c. (resist) 719; control &c. (restrain) 751; hinder &c. 706; antagonize, oppugn, fly in the face of, go dead against, kick against, fall afoul of, run afoul of; set against, pit against; face, confront, cope with; make a stand, make a dead set against; set oneself against, set one's face against; protest against, vote against, raise one;s voice against; disfavor, turn one's back upon; set at naught, slap in the face, slam the door in one's face.

be at cross purposes; play at cross purposes; counterwork[obs], countermine; thwart, overthwart[obs]; work against, undermine.

stem, breast, encounter; stem the tide, breast the tide, stem the current, stem the flood; buffet the waves; beat up against, make head against; grapple with; kick against the pricks &c. (resist) 719; contend &c. 720; do battle &c. (warfare) 722 -with, do battle against.

contradict, contravene; belie; go against, run against, beat against, militate against; come in conflict with.

emulate &c. (compete) 720; rival, spoil one's trade.

Adj. opposing, opposed &c.v.; adverse, antagonistic; contrary &c. 14; at variance &c. 24; at issue, at war with.

unfavorable, unfriendly; hostile, inimical, cross, unpropitious.

in hostile array, front to front, with crossed bayonets, at daggers drawn; up in arms; resistant &c. 719.

competitive, emulous.

Adv. against, versus, counter to, in conflict with, at cross purposes.

against the grain, against the current, against the stream, against the wind, against the tide; with a headwind; with the wind ahead, with the wind in one's teeth.

in spite, in despite, in defiance; in the way, in the teeth of, in the face of; across; athwart, overthwart[obs]; where the shoe pinches; in spite of one's teeth.

though &c. 30; even; quand meme[Fr]; per contra.

Phr. nitor in adversum[Lat].