Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 719 (Resistance)

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#719. Resistance. -- N. resistance, stand, front, oppugnation[obs]; oppugnancy[obs]; opposition &c. 708; renitence[obs], renitency; reluctation[obs], recalcitration[obs]; kicking &c. v.

repulse, rebuff.

insurrection &c. (disobedience) 742; strike; turn out, lock out, barring out; levee en masse[Fr], Jacquerie; riot &c. (disorder) 59.

V. resist; not submit &c. 725; repugn[obs], reluct, reluctate[obs], withstand; stand up against, strive against, bear up under, bear up against, be proof against, make head against; stand, stand firm, stand one's ground, stand the brunt of, stand out; hold one's grounds, hold one's own, hold out, hold firm.

breast the wave, breast the current; stem the tide, stem the torrent; face, confront, grapple with; show a bold front &c. (courage) 861; present a front; make a stand, take one's stand.

kick, kick against; recalcitrate[obs], kick against the pricks; oppose &c. 708; fly in the face of; lift the hand against &c. (attack) 716; rise up in arms &c. (war) 722; strike, turn out; draw up a round robin &c. (remonstrate) 932; revolt &c. (disobey) 742; make a riot.

prendre le mors aux dents [French: take the bit between the teeth]; sell one's life dearly, die hard, keep at bay; repel, repulse.

Adj. resisting &c.v.; resistive, resistant; refractory &c. (disobedient) 742; recalcitrant, renitent; up in arms.

repulsive, repellant.

proof against; unconquerable &c. (strong) 159; stubborn, unconquered; indomitable &c. (persevering) 604a; unyielding &c. (obstinate) 606.

Int. hands off! keep off!