Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 277 (Recoil)

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#277. Recoil. -- N. recoil; reaction, retroaction; revulsion; bounce, rebound, ricochet; repercussion, recalcitration[obs]; kick, contrecoup[Fr]; springing back &c. v.; elasticity &c. 325; reflection, reflexion[Brit], reflex, reflux; reverberation &c. (resonance) 408; rebuff, repulse; return.

ducks and drakes; boomerang; spring, reactionist[obs].

elastic collision, coefficient of restitution.

V. recoil, react; spring back, fly back, bounce back, bound back; rebound, reverberate, repercuss[obs], recalcitrate[obs]; echo, ricochet.

Adj. recoiling &c. v.; refluent[obs], repercussive, recalcitrant, reactionary; retroactive.

Adv. on the rebound, on the recoil &c. n.

Phr. for every action there is a reaction equal in force and opposite in direction [Newton].