Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 944 (Virtue)

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#944. Virtue. -- N. virtue; virtuousness &c. adj.; morality; moral rectitude; integrity &c. (probity) 939; nobleness &c. 873.

morals; ethics &c. (duty) 926; cardinal virtues.

merit, worth, desert, excellence, credit; self-control &c. (resolution) 604; self-denial &c. (temperance) 953.

well-doing; good actions, good behavior; discharge of duty, fulfillment of duty, performance of duty; well-spent life; innocence &c. 946.

V. be virtuous &c. adj.; practice virtue &c.n.; do one's duty, fulfill one's duty, perform one's duty, discharge one's duty; redeem one's pledge, keep one's promise &c. 926; act well, act one's part; fight the good fight; acquit oneself well; command one's passions, master one's passions; keep in the right path.

set an example, set a good example; be on one's good behavior, be on one's best behavior.

Adj. virtuous, good; innocent &c. 946; meritorious, deserving, worthy, desertful[obs], correct; dutiful, duteous; moral; right, righteous, right- minded; well-intentioned, creditable, laudable, commendable, praiseworthy; above all praise, beyond all praise; excellent, admirable; sterling, pure, noble; whole-souled[obs].

exemplary; matchless, peerless; saintly, saint-like; heaven-born, angelic, seraphic, godlike.

Adv. virtuously &c, adj.; e merito[Lat].

Phr. esse quam videri bonus malebat [Lat][Sallust]; Schonheit vergeht Tugend besteht[Ger]; "virtue the greatest of all monarchies" [Swift]; virtus laudatur et alget [Lat][obs][Juvenal]; virtus vincit invidiam[Lat].