Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 953 (Temperance)

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#953. Temperance. -- N. temperance, moderation, sobriety, soberness.

forbearance, abnegation; self-denial, self-restraint, self-control &c. (resolution) 604.

frugality; vegetarianism, teetotalism, total abstinence; abstinence, abstemiousness; Encratism[obs], prohibition; system of Pythagoras, system of Cornaro; Pythagorism, Stoicism.

vegetarian; Pythagorean, gymnosophist[obs].

teetotaler &c. 958; abstainer; designated driver; Encratite[obs], fruitarian[obs], hydropot|!.

V. be temperate &c. adj.; abstain, forbear, refrain, deny oneself, spare ,swear off.

know when one has had enough, know one's limit.

take the pledge, go on the wagon.

Adj. temperate, moderate, sober, frugal, sparing; abstemious, abstinent; within compass; measured &c. (sufficient) 639.

on the wagon, on the water wagon.

[re locations where alcoholic beverages are prohibited] dry. Pythagorean; vegetarian; teetotal.

Phr. appetitus rationi obediant [Lat][Cicero]; l'abstenir pour jouir c'est l'epicurisme de la raison [Fr][Rousseau]; trahit sua quemque voluptas [Lat][Vergil].