Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 946 (Innocence)

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#946. Innocence. -- N. innocence; guiltlessness &c. adj.; incorruption, impeccability.

clean hands, clear conscience, mens sibi conscia recti [Lat][Vergil].

innocent, lamb, dove.

V. be innocent &c. adj; nil conscire sibi nulla pallescere culpa [Lat][Horace].

acquit &c. 970; exculpate &c. (vindicate) 937.

Adj. innocent, not guilty; unguilty[obs]; guiltless, faultless, sinless, stainless, bloodless, spotless; clear, immaculate; rectus in curia[Lat]; unspotted, unblemished, unerring; undefiled &c. 939; unhardened[obs], Saturnian; Arcadian &c. (artless) 703[obs].

inculpable, unculpable[obs]; unblamed, unblamable[obs]; blameless, unfallen[obs], inerrable[obs], above suspicion; irreproachable, irreprovable[obs], irreprehensible[obs]; unexceptionable, unobjectionable, unimpeachable; salvable[obs]; venial &c. 937.

harmless; inoffensive, innoxious[obs], innocuous; dove-like, lamb- like; pure, harmless as doves; innocent as a lamb, innocent as the babe unborn; "more sinned against than sinning" [Lear].

virtuous &c. 944; unreproved[obs], unimpeached, unreproached[obs].

Adv. innocently &c. adj.; with clean hands; with a clear conscience, with a safe conscience.

Phr. murus aeneus conscientia sana [Lat][obs][Horace].