Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 657 (Insalubrity)

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#657. Insalubrity. -- N. insalubrity; unhealthiness &c. Adj.; nonnaturals[obs]; plague spot; malaria &c. (poison) 663; death in the pot, contagion; toxicity.

Adj. insalubrious; unhealthy, unwholesome; noxious, noisome; morbific[obs], morbiferous[obs]; mephitic, septic, azotic[obs], deleterious; pestilent, pestiferous, pestilential; virulent, venomous, envenomed; poisonous, toxic, toxiferous[obs], teratogenic; narcotic.

contagious, infectious, catching, taking, epidemic, zymotic[obs]; epizootic.

innutritious[obs], indigestible, ungenial; uncongenial &c. (disagreeing) 24.

deadly &c. (killing) 361.