Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 663 (Bane)

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#663. Bane. -- N. bane, curse; evil &c. 619; hurtfulness &c. (badness) 649[obs]; painfulness &c. (cause of pain) 830; scourge &c. (punishment) 975; damnosa hereditas[Lat]; white elephant.

sting, fang, thorn, tang, bramble, brier, nettle.

poison, toxin; teratogen; leaven, virus venom; arsenic; antimony, tartar emetic; strychnine, nicotine; miasma, miasm[obs], mephitis[obs], malaria, azote[obs], sewer gas; pest.

[poisonous substances, examples] Albany hemp[obs], arsenious oxide, arsenious acid; bichloride of mercury; carbonic acid, carbonic gas; choke damp, corrosive sublimate, fire damp; hydrocyanic acid, cyanide, Prussic acid[ISA:chemsubcfp], hydrogen cyanide; marsh gas, nux vomica[Lat], ratsbane[obs].

[poisonous plants] hemlock, hellebore, nightshade, belladonna, henbane, aconite; banewort[obs], bhang, ganja[obs], hashish; Upas tree.

[list of poisonous substances(on-line)] Toxline.

rust, worm, helminth[Med], moth, moth and rust, fungus, mildew; dry rot; canker, cankerworm; cancer; torpedo; viper &c. (evil doer) 913; demon &c. 980.

[Science of poisons] toxicology.

Adj. baneful &c. (bad) 649; poisonous &c. (unwholesome) 657.

phr. bibere venenum in auro[Lat].