Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 62 (Precedence)

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#62. Precedence. -- N. precedence; coming before &c. v.; the lead, le pas; superiority &c. 33; importance &c. 642; antecedence, antecedency[obs]; anteriority &c. (front) 234[obs]; precursor &c. 64; priority &c. 116; precession &c. 280; anteposition[obs]; epacme[obs]; preference.

V. precede; come before, come first; head, lead, take the lead; lead the way, lead the dance; be in the vanguard; introduce, usher in; have the pas; set the fashion &c. (influence) 175; open the ball; take precedence, have precedence; have the start &c. (get before) 280. place before; prefix; premise, prelude, preface.

Adj. preceding &c. v.; precedent, antecedent; anterior; prior &c. 116; before; former; foregoing; beforementioned[obs], abovementioned[obs], aforementioned; aforesaid, said; precursory, precursive[obs]; prevenient[obs], preliminary, prefatory, introductory; prelusive, prelusory; proemial[obs], preparatory.

Adv. before; in advance &c. (precession) 280.

Phr. seniores priores[Lat]; prior tempore prior jure[Lat].