Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 116 (Priority)

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#116. Priority. -- N. priority, antecedence, anteriority, precedence, pre-existence; precession &c. 280; precursor &c. 64; the past &c. 122; premises.

V. precede, come before; forerun; go before &c. (lead) 280; preexist; dawn; presage &c. 511; herald, usher in.

be beforehand &c. (be early) 132; steal a march upon, anticipate, forestall; have the start, gain the start.

Adj. prior, previous; preceding, precedent; anterior, antecedent; pre- existing, pre-existent; former, foregoing; aforementioned, before- mentioned, abovementioned; aforesaid, said; introductory &c. (precursory) 64.

Adv. before, prior to; earlier; previously &c. adj.; afore[obs], aforehand[obs], beforehand, ere, theretofore, erewhile[obs]; ere then, ere now, before then, before now; erewhile[obs], already, yet, beforehand; on the eve of.

Phr. prior tempore prior jure[Lat].