Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 280 (Going before)

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#280. [Going before.] Precession. -- N. precession, leading, heading; precedence &c. 62; priority &c. 116; the lead, le pas; van &c. (front) 234; precursor &c. 64.

V. go before, go ahead, go in the van, go in advance; precede, forerun; usher in, introduce, herald, head, take the lead; lead the way, lead the dance; get the start, have the start; steal a march; get before, get ahead, get in front of; outstrip &c. 303; take precedence &c. (first in order) 62.

Adj. leading, precedent &c. v.

Adv. in advance, before, ahead, in the van, in the lead; foremost, headmost[obs]; in front; at the head, out in front; way out in front, far ahead.

Phr. seniores priores[Lat], ahead of his time.