Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 594 (Description)

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#594. Description. -- N. description, account, statement, report; expose &c. (disclosure) 529 specification, particulars; state of facts, summary of facts; brief &c. (abstract) 596; return &c. (record) 551; catalogue raisonne &c. (list) 86[Fr]; guidebook &c. (information) 527.

delineation &c (representation) 554; sketch; monograph; minute account, detailed particular account, circumstantial account, graphic account; narration, recital, rehearsal, relation.

historiography[obs], chronography[obs]; historic Muse, Clio; history; biography, autobiography; necrology, obituary.

narrative, history; memoir, memorials; annals &c. (chronicle) 551; saga; tradition, legend, story, tale, historiette[obs]; personal narrative, journal, life, adventures, fortunes, experiences, confessions; anecdote, ana[obs], trait.

work of fiction, novel, romance, Minerva press; fairy tale, nursery tale; fable, parable, apologue[obs]; dime novel, penny dreadful, shilling shocker

relator &c. v.; raconteur, historian &c. (recorder) 553; biographer, fabulist[obs], novelist.

V. describe; set forth &c. (state) 535; draw a picture, picture; portray &c. (represent) 554; characterize, particularize; narrate, relate, recite, recount, sum up, run over, recapitulate, rehearse, fight one's battles over again.

unfold a tale &c. (disclose) 529 ; tell; give an account of, render an account of; report, make a report, draw up a statement.

detail; enter into particulars, enter into details, descend to particulars , descend to details,; itemize.

Adj. descriptive, graphic, narrative, epic, suggestive, well-drawn; historic; traditional, traditionary; legendary; anecdotic[obs], storied; described &c. v.

Phr. furor scribendi[Lat].