Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 554 (Representation)

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#554. Representation. -- N. representation, representment[obs]; imitation &c. 19; illustration, delineation, depictment[obs]; imagery, portraiture, iconography; design, designing; art, fine arts; painting &c. 556; sculpture &c. 557; engraving &c. 558; photography, cinematography; radiography, autoradiography[Bioch], fluorography[Chem], sciagraphy[obs].

personation, personification; impersonation; drama &c. 599.

picture, photo, photograph, daguerreotype, snapshot; X-ray photo; movie film, movie; tracing, scan, TV image, video image, image file, graphics, computer graphics, televideo, closed-circuit TV.

copy &c. 21; drawing, sketch, drought, draft; plot, chart, figure, scheme.

image, likeness, icon, portrait , striking likeness, speaking likeness; very image; effigy, facsimile.

figure , figure head; puppet, doll, figurine, aglet[obs], manikin, lay-figure, model, mammet[obs], marionette, fantoccini[obs], waxwork, bust; statue, statuette.

ideograph, hieroglyphic, anaglyph [obs],kanji[Jap]; diagram, monogram.

map, plan, chart, ground plan, projection, elevation (plan) 626.

ichnography[obs], cartography; atlas; outline, scheme; view &c. (painting) 556; radiograph, scotograph[obs], sciagraph[obs]; spectrogram, heliogram[obs].

V. represent, delineate; depict, depicture[obs]; portray; take a likeness, catch a likeness &c. n.; hit off, photograph, daguerreotype; snapshot; figure, shadow forth, shadow out; adumbrate; body forth; describe &c. 594; trace, copy; mold. dress up; illustrate, symbolize.

paint &c. 556; carve &c. 557; engrave &c. 558.

personate, personify; impersonate; assume a character; pose as; act; play &c. (drama) 599; mimic &c. (imitate) 19; hold the mirror up to nature.

Adj. represent, representing &c. v., representative; *illustrative; represented &c. v.; imitative, figurative; iconic.

like &c. 17; graphic &c. (descriptive) 594; cinquecento quattrocento[Fr][obs], trecento[obs].