Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 573 (Diffuseness)

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#573. Diffuseness. -- N. diffuseness &c. adj.; amplification &c. v.; dilating &c. v.; verbosity, verbiage, cloud of words, copia verborum[Lat]; flow of words &c. (loquacity) 584; looseness.

Polylogy[obs], tautology, battology[obs], perissology|; pleonasm, exuberance, redundancy; thrice-told tale; prolixity; circumlocution, ambages [obs]; periphrase[obs], periphrasis; roundabout phrases; episode; expletive; pennya-lining; richness &c. 577.

V. be diffuse &c. adj.; run out on, descant, expatiate, enlarge, dilate, amplify, expand, inflate; launch out, branch out; rant.

maunder, prose; harp upon &c. (repeat) 104; dwell on, insist upon.

digress, ramble, battre la campagne[Fr][obs], beat about the bush, perorate, spin a long yarn, protract; spin out, swell out, draw out; battologize[obs].

Adj. diffuse, profuse; wordy, verbose, largiloquent|, copious, exuberant, pleonastic, lengthy; longsome[obs], long-winded, longspun[obs], long drawn out; spun out, protracted, prolix, prosing, maundering; circumlocutory, periphrastic, ambagious[obs], roundabout; digressive; discursive, excursive; loose; rambling episodic; flatulent, frothy.

Adv. diffusely &c. adj.; at large, in extenso[Lat]; about it and about it.