Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 577 (Ornament)

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#577. Ornament. -- N. ornament; floridness c[obs]. adj. turgidity, turgescence[obs]; altiloquence &c. adj[obs].; declamation, teratology|!; well-rounded periods; elegance &c. 578; orotundity.

inversion, antithesis, alliteration, paronomasia; figurativeness &c. (metaphor) 521.

flourish; flowers of speech, flowers of rhetoric; frills of style, euphuism[obs], euphemism.

big-sounding words, high-sounding words; macrology[obs], sesquipedalia verba[Lat], Alexandrine; inflation, pretension; rant, bombast, fustian, prose run mad; fine writing; sesquipedality[obs]; Minerva press.

phrasemonger; euphuist[obs], euphemist.

V. ornament, overlay with ornament, overcharge; smell of the lamp.

Adj. ornament &c. v.; beautified &c. 847; ornate, florid, rich, flowery; euphuistic[obs], euphemistic; sonorous; high-sounding, big- sounding; inflated, swelling, tumid; turgid, turgescent; pedantic, pompous, stilted; orotund; high flown, high flowing; sententious, rhetorical, declamatory; grandiose; grandiloquent, magniloquent, altiloquent[obs]; sesquipedal[obs], sesquipedalian; Johnsonian, mouthy; bombastic; fustian; frothy, flashy, flaming.

antithetical, alliterative; figurative &c. 521; artificial &c. (inelegant) 579.

Adv. ore rutundo[Lat].