Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 584 (Loquacity)

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#584. Loquacity. -- N. loquacity, loquaciousness; talkativeness &c. adj.; garrulity; multiloquence[obs], much speaking. jaw; gabble; jabber, chatter; prate, prattle, cackle, clack; twaddle, twattle, rattle; caquet[obs], caquetterie[Fr]; blabber, bavardage[obs], bibble-babble[obs], gibble-gabble[obs]; small talk &c. (converse) 588.

fluency, flippancy, volubility, flowing, tongue; flow of words;.flux de bouche[Fr], flux de mots[Fr]; copia verborum[Lat], cacoethes loquendi[Lat]; furor loquendi[Lat]; verbosity &c. (diffuseness) 573; gift of the gab &c. (eloquence) 582.

talker; chatterer, chatterbox; babbler &c. v.; rattle; ranter; sermonizer, proser[obs], driveler; blatherskite [U. S.]; gossip &c. (converse) 588; magpie, jay, parrot, poll, Babel; moulin a paroles[Fr]..

V. be loquacious &c. adj.; talk glibly, pour forth, patter; prate, palaver, prose, chatter, prattle, clack, jabber, jaw; blather, blatter[obs], blether[obs]; rattle, rattle on; twaddle, twattle; babble, gabble; outtalk; talk oneself out of breath, talk oneself hoarse; expatiate &c. (speak at length) 573; gossip &c. (converse) 588; din in the ears &c. (repeat) 104; talk at random, talk nonsense &c. 497; be hoarse with talking.

Adj. loquacious, talkative, garrulous, linguacious|, multiloquous[obs]; largiloquent|; chattering &c. v.; chatty &c. (sociable) 892; declamatory &c. 582; open-mouthed.

fluent, voluble, glib, flippant; long tongued, long winded &c. (diffuse) 573.

Adv. trippingly on the tongue; glibly &c. adj.; off the reel.

Phr. the tongue running fast, the tongue running loose, the tongue running on wheels; all talk and no cider; "foul whisperings are abroad" [Macbeth]; "what a spendthrift is he of his tongue!" [Tempest].