Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 482 (Overestimation)

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#482. Overestimation. -- N. overestimation &c. v.; exaggeration &c. 549; vanity &c. 880; optimism, pessimism, pessimist. much cry and little wool, much ado about nothing,; storm in a teacup, tempest in a teacup; fine talking.

V. overestimate, overrate, overvalue, overprize, overweigh, overreckon[obs], overstrain, overpraise; eulogize; estimate too highly, attach too much importance to, make mountains of molehills, catch at straws; strain, magnify; exaggerate &c. 549; set too high a value upon; think much of, make much of, think too much of, make too much of; outreckon[obs]; panegyrize[obs].

extol, extol to the skies; make the most of, make the best of, make the worst of; make two bites of a cherry.

have too high an opinion of oneself &c. (vanity) 880.

Adj. overestimated &c. v.; oversensitive &c. (sensibility) 822.

Phr. all his geese are swans; parturiunt montes[Lat].