Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 549 (Exaggeration)

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#549. Exaggeration.-- N. exaggeration,; expansion &c 194; hyperbole, stretch, strain, coloring; high coloring, caricature, caricatura[obs]; extravagance &c. (nonsense) 497; Baron Munchausen; men in buckram, yarn, fringe, embroidery, traveler's tale; fish story, gooseberry*

storm in a teacup; much ado about nothing &c (overestimation) 482; puff, puffery &c (boasting) 884; rant &c (turgescence) 577[obs].

figure of speech, facon de parler[Fr]; stretch of fancy, stretch of the imagination; flight of fancy &c (imagination) 515.

false coloring &c (falsehood) 544; aggravation &c. 835.

V. exaggerate, magnify, pile up, aggravate; amplify &c (expand) 194; overestimate &c 482; hyperbolize; overcharge, overstate, overdraw, overlay, overshoot the mark, overpraise; make over much, over the most of; strain, strain over a point; stretch, stretch a point; go great lengths; spin a long yarn; draw with a longbow, shoot with a longbow; deal in the marvelous.

out-Herod Herod, run riot, talk at random.

heighten, overcolor[obs]; color highly, color too highly; broder[obs]; flourish; color &c. (misrepresent) 544; puff &c (boast) 884.

Adj. exaggerated &c. v.; overwrought; bombastic &c. (grandiloquent) 577; hyperbolical[obs], on stilts; fabulous, extravagant, preposterous, egregious, outre[Fr], highflying[obs].

Adv. hyperbolically &c adj.

Phr. excitabat enim fluctus in simpulo [Lat][Cicero]. <-- recognition of something by its features must be broken out into a separate entry. Include the terms recognition, identification, dereplication, classification; note memory 505, identification (comparison, 464, discovery 480a) distinguish recognition and recall in technical sense -->