Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 822 (Sensibility)

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#822. Sensibility. -- N. sensibility, sensibleness, sensitiveness; moral sensibility; impressibility, affectibility[obs]; susceptibleness, susceptibility, susceptivity[obs]; mobility; vivacity, vivaciousness; tenderness, softness; sentimental, sentimentality; sentimentalism.

excitability &c. 825; fastidiousness &c. 868; physical sensibility &c. 375.

sore point, sore place; where the shoe pinches.

V. be sensible &c. adj.; have a tender heart, have a warm heart, have a sensitive heart.

take to heart, treasure up in the heart; shrink.

"die of a rose in aromatic pain" [Pope]; touch to the quick; touch on the raw, touch a raw nerve.

Adj. sensible, sensitive; impressible, impressionable; susceptive, susceptible; alive to, impassionable[obs], gushing; warm hearted, tender hearted, soft hearted; tender as a chicken; soft, sentimental, romantic; enthusiastic, highflying[obs], spirited, mettlesome, vivacious, lively, expressive, mobile, tremblingly alive; excitable &c. 825; oversensitive, without skin, thin-skinned; fastidious &c. 868.

Adv. sensibly &c. adj; to the quick, to the inmost core.

Phr. mens aequa in arduis[Lat]; pour salt in the wound.