Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 140 (Difference at different times)

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#140. [Difference at different times.] Change. -- N. change, alteration, mutation, permutation, variation, modification, modulation, inflexion, mood, qualification, innovation, metastasis, deviation, turn, evolution, revolution; diversion; break.

transformation, transfiguration; metamorphosis; transmutation; deoxidization[Chem]; transubstantiation; mutagenesis[Genet], transanimation[obs], transmigration, metempsychosis|; avatar; alterative.

conversion &c. (gradual change) 144; revolution &c. (sudden or radical change) 146 inversion &c. (reversal) 218; displacement &c. 185; transference &c. 270.

changeableness &c. 149; tergiversation &c. (change of mind) 607.

V. change, alter, vary, wax and wane; modulate, diversify, qualify, tamper with; turn, shift, veer, tack, chop, shuffle, swerve, warp, deviate, turn aside, evert, intervert[obs]; pass to, take a turn, turn the corner, resume.

work a change, modify, vamp, superinduce; transform, transfigure, transmute, transmogrify, transume[obs]; metamorphose, ring the changes.

innovate, introduce new blood, shuffle the cards; give a turn to, give a color to; influence, turn the scale; shift the scene, turn over a new leaf.

recast &c. 146; reverse &c. 218; disturb &c. 61; convert into &c. 144.

Adj. changed &c. v.; newfangled; changeable &c. 149; transitional; modifiable; alterative.

Adv. mutatis mutandis[Lat].

Int. quantum mutatus[Lat]!

Phr. "a change came o'er the spirit of my dream" [Byron]; nous avons change tout cela [Fr][Moliere]; tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis[Lat][obs]; non sum qualis eram [Lat][Horace]; casaque tourner[Fr]; corpora lente augescent cito extinguuntur [Lat][obs][Tacitus]; in statu quo ante bellum[Lat]; "still ending and beginning still" [Cowper]; vox audita perit littera scripta manet[Lat].