Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 185 (Displacement)

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#185. Displacement.-- N. displacement, elocation[obs], transposition.

ejectment &c. 297[obs]; exile &c. (banishment) 893; removal &c. (transference) 270.

misplacement, dislocation &c. 61; fish out of water.

V. displace, misplace, displant[obs], dislodge, disestablish; exile &c. (seclude) 893; ablegate[obs], set aside, remove; take away, cart away; take off, draft off; lade &c. 184.

unload, empty &c. (eject) 297; transfer &c. 270; dispel.

vacate; depart &c. 293.

Adj. displaced &c. v.; unplaced, unhoused[obs], unharbored[obs], unestablished[obs], unsettled; houseless[obs], homeless; out of place, out of a situation; in the wrong place.

misplaced, out of its element. 3. EXISTENCE IN SPACE