Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 218 (Inversion)

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#218. Inversion. -- N. inversion, eversion, subversion, reversion, retroversion, introversion; contraposition &c. 237[obs]; contrariety &c. 14; reversal; turn of the tide.

overturn; somersault, somerset; summerset[obs]; culbute[obs]; revulsion; pirouette.

transposition, transposal[obs], anastrophy[obs], metastasis, hyperbaton[obs], anastrophe[obs], hysteron proteron[Grk][Grk], hypallage[obs], synchysis[obs], tmesis[obs], parenthesis; metathesis; palindrome.

pronation and supination[Anat][obs].

V. be inverted &c.; turn round, turn about, turn to the right about, go round, go about, go to the right about, wheel round, wheel about, wheel to the right about; turn over, go over, tilt over, topple over; capsize, turn turtle.

invert, subvert, retrovert[obs], introvert; reverse; up turn, over turn, up set, over set; turn topsy turvy &c. adj.; culbuter[obs]; transpose, put the cart before the horse, turn the tables.

Adj. inverted &c. v.; wrong side out, wrong side up; inside out, upside down; bottom upwards, keel upwards; supine, on one's head, topsy- turvy, sens dessus dessous[Fr].

inverse; reverse &c. (contrary) 14; opposite &c. 237.

top heavy.

Adv. inversely &c. adj.; hirdy-girdy[obs]; heels over head, head over heels.