Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 968 (Lawyer)

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#968. Lawyer. -- N. lawyer, attorney, legal counsel; counsel, counsellor, counsellor at law, attorney at law; jurist, legist[obs], civilian, pundit, publicist, juris consult[Lat], legal adviser, advocate; barrister, barrister at law; King's or Queen's counsel; K.C.; Q.C.; silk gown, leader, sergeant-at-law, bencher; tubman[obs], judge &c. 967.

bar, legal profession, bar association, association of trial lawyers; officer of the court; gentleman of the long robe; junior bar, outer bar, inner bar; equity draftsman, conveyancer, pleader, special pleader.

solicitor, proctor; notary, notary public; scrivener, cursitor[obs]; writer, writer to the signet; S.S.C.; limb of the law; pettifogger; vakil[obs].

legal beagle [coll.].

[persons accessory to lawyers] legal secretary; legal assistant; law student.

V. practice law, practice at the bar, practice within the bar; plead; call to the bar, be called to the bar, be called within the bar; take silk; take to the law.

give legal counsel, provide legal counsel.

Adj. learned in the law; at the bar; forensic; esquire, esquired.

Phr. banco regis[Lat].