Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 964 (Absence or violation of law)

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#964. [Absence or violation of law.] Illegality. -- N. lawlessness; illicitness; breach of law, violation of law, infraction of the law; disobedience &c. 742; unconformity &c. 83.

arbitrariness &c. adj.; antinomy, violence, brute force, despotism, outlawry.

mob law, lynch law, club law, Lydford law, martial law, drumhead law; coup d'etat[Fr]; le droit du plus fort[Fr]; argumentum baculinum[obs][Lat].

illegality, informality, unlawfulness, illegitimacy, bar sinister.

trover and conversion[Law]; smuggling, poaching; simony.

[person who violates the law] outlaw, bad man &c. 949.

v. offend against the law; violate the law, infringe the law, break the law; set the law at defiance, ride roughshod over, drive a coach and six through a statute; ignore the law, make the law a dead letter, take the law into one's own hands.

smuggle, run, poach.

Adj. illegal[contrary to law], unlawful, illegitimate; not allowed, prohibited &c. 761; illicit, contraband; actionable.

unwarranted, unwarrantable; unauthorized; informal, unofficial; injudicial[obs], extrajudicial.

lawless, arbitrary; despotic, despotical[obs]; corrupt, summary, irresponsible; unanswerable, unaccountable.

[of invalid or expired law] expired, invalid; unchartered, unconstitutional; null and void; a dead letter.

[in absence of law] lawless, unregulated

Adv. illegally &c. adj.; with a high hand, in violation of law.