Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 742 (Disobedience)

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#742. Disobedience.-- N. disobedience, insubordination, contumacy; infraction, infringement; violation, noncompliance; nonobservance &c. 773.

revolt, rebellion, mutiny, outbreak, rising, uprising, insurrection, emeute[Fr]; riot, tumult &c. (disorder) 59; strike &c.(resistance) 719; barring out; defiance &c. 715.

mutinousness &c. adj.; mutineering[obs]; sedition, treason; high treason, petty treason, misprision of treason; premunire[Lat]; lese majeste[Fr]; violation of law &c. 964; defection, secession.

insurgent, mutineer, rebel, revolter, revolutionary, rioter, traitor, quisling, carbonaro[obs], sansculottes[Fr], red republican, bonnet rouge, communist, Fenian, frondeur; seceder, secessionist, runagate, renegade, brawler, anarchist, demagogue; Spartacus, Masaniello, Wat Tyler, Jack Cade; ringleader.

V. disobey, violate, infringe; shirk; set at defiance &c. (defy) 715; set authority at naught, run riot, fly in the face of; take the law into one's own hands; kick over the traces.

turn restive, run restive; champ the bit; strike &c. (resist) 719; rise, rise in arms; secede; mutiny, rebel.

Adj. disobedient; uncomplying, uncompliant; unsubmissive[obs], unruly, ungovernable; breachy[obs], insubordinate, impatient of control, incorrigible; restiff|, restive; refractory, contumacious, recusant &c. (refuse) 764; recalcitrant; resisting &c. 719; lawless, mutinous, seditions, insurgent, riotous.

unobeyed[obs]; unbidden.

Phr. seditiosissimus quisque ignavus [Lat][Tacitus]; "unthread the rude eye of rebellion" [King John].