Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 919 (Revenge)

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#919. Revenge. -- N. revenge, revengement[obs]; vengeance; avengement[obs], avengeance|, sweet revenge, vendetta, death feud, blood for blood retaliation &c. 718; day of reckoning.

rancor, vindictiveness, implacability; malevolence &c. 907; ruthlessness &c. 914a.

avenger, vindicator, Nemesis, Eumenides.

V. revenge, avenge; vindicate; take one's revenge, have one's revenge; breathe revenge, breathe vengeance; wreak one's vengeance, wreak one's anger.

have accounts to settle, have a crow to pluck, have a bone to pick, have a rod in pickle.

keep the wound green; harbor revenge, harbor vindictive feeling; bear malice; rankle, rankle in the breast.

Adj. revengeful, vengeful; vindictive, rancorous; pitiless &c. 914a; ruthless, rigorous, avenging.

unforgiving, unrelenting; inexorable, stony-hearted, implacable; relentless, remorseless.

aeternum servans sub pectore vulnus[Lat]; rankling; immitigable.

Phr. manet ciratrix[Lat], manet alid mente repostum[Lat][obs]; dies irae dies illa[Lat]; " in high vengeance there is noble scorn " [G. Eliot]; inhumanum verbum est ultio [Lat][Seneca]; malevolus animus abditos dentes habet [Lat][obs][Syrus]; " now infidel I have thee on the hip " [Merchant of Venice].