Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 718 (Retaliation)

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#718. Retaliation. -- N. retaliation, reprisal, retort, payback; counter-stroke, counter-blast, counterplot, counter-project; retribution, lex talionis[Lat]; reciprocation &c. (reciprocity) 12.

tit for tat, give and take, blow for blow, quid pro quo, a Roland for an Oliver, measure for measure, diamond cut diamond, the biter bit, a game at which two can play; reproof valiant, retort courteous.

recrimination &c. (accusation) 938; revenge &c. 919; compensation &c. 30; reaction &c. (recoil) 277.

V. retaliate, retort, turn upon; pay, pay off, pay back; pay in one's own coin, pay in the same coin; cap; reciprocate &c. 148; turn the tables upon, return the compliment; give a quid pro quo &c. n., give as much as one takes, give as good as one gets; give and take, exchange fisticuffs; be quits, be even with; pay off old scores.

serve one right, be hoist on one's own petard, throw a stone in one's own garden, catch a Tartar.

Adj. retaliating &c. v.; retaliatory, retaliative; talionic[obs].

Adv. in retaliation; en revanche.

Phr. mutato nomine de te fabula narratur [Lat][Horace]; par pari refero [Lat][Terence]; tu quoque[Lat: you too]; you're another; suo sibi gladio hunc jugulo [Lat]; a beau jeu beau retour[Fr]; litem [Lat]. . . lite resolvit [Lat][Horace].