Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 888 (Friendship)

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#888. Friendship.-- N. friendship, amity; friendliness &c. adj.; brotherhood, fraternity, sodality, confraternity; harmony &c. (concord) 714; peace &c. 721.

firm friendship, staunch friendship, intimate friendship, familiar friendship, bosom friendship, cordial friendship, tried friendship, devoted friendship, lasting friendship, fast friendship, sincere friendship, warm friendship, ardent friendship.

cordiality, fraternization, entente cordiale[Fr], good understanding, rapprochement, sympathy, fellow-feeling, response, welcomeness.

affection &c. (love) 897; favoritism; good will &c. (benevolence) 906.

acquaintance, familiarity, intimacy, intercourse, fellowship, knowledge of; introduction.

V. be friendly &c. adj., be friends &c. 890, be acquainted with &c. adj.; know; have the ear of; keep company with &c.(sociality) 892; hold communication with, have dealings with, sympathize with; have a leaning to; bear good will &c. (benevolent) 906; love &c. 897; make much of; befriend &c. (aid) 707; introduce to. set one's horses together; have the latchstring out [U. S.]; hold out the right hand of friendship, extend the right hand of friendship, hold out the right hand of fellowship; become friendly &c. adj.; make friends &c. 890 with; break the lee, be introduced to; make acquaintance with, pick acquaintance with, scrape acquaintance with; get into favor, gain the friendship of.

shake hands with, fraternize, embrace; receive with open arms, throw oneself into the arms of; meet halfway, take in good part.

Adj. friendly; amicable, amical[obs]; well-affected, unhostile[obs], neighborly, brotherly, fraternal, sympathetic, harmonious, hearty, cordial, warm-hearted.

friends with, well with, at home with, hand in hand with; on good terms, on friendly terms, on amicable terms, on cordial terms, on familiar terms, on intimate terms, on good footing; on speaking terms, on visiting terms; in one's good graces, in one's good books.

acquainted, familiar, intimate, thick, hand and glove, hail fellow well met, free and easy; welcome.

Adv. amicably &c. adj.; with open arms; sans ceremonie[Fr]; arm in arm.

Phr. amicitia semper prodest [Lat][Seneca]; " a mystic bond of brotherhood makes all men one " [Carlyle]; " friendship is love without either flowers or veil " [Hare]; trulgus amicitias utilitate probat [Lat][Ovid].