Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 714 (Concord)

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#714. Concord. -- N. concord, accord, harmony, symphony; homologue; agreement &c. 23; sympathy, empathy &c. (love) 897; response; union, unison, unity; bonds of harmony; peace &c. 721; unanimity &c. (assent) 488; league &c. 712; happy family.

rapprochement; reunion; amity &c. (friendship) 888; alliance, entente cordiale[Fr], good understanding, conciliation, peacemaker; intercessor, mediator.

V. agree &c. 23; accord, harmonize with; fraternize; be -concordant &c. adj.; go hand in hand; run parallel &c. (concur) 178; understand one another, pull together &c. (cooperate) 709; put up one's horses together, sing in chorus.

side with, sympathize with, go with, chime in with, fall in with; come round; be pacified &c. 723; assent &c. 488; empathize with, enter into the ideas of, enter into the feelings of; reciprocate.

hurler avec les loups[Fr]; go with the stream, swim with the stream.

keep in good humor, render accordant, put in tune; come to an understanding, meet halfway; keep the peace, remain at peace.

Adj. concordant, congenial; agreeing &c.v.; in accord &c. n.; harmonious, united, cemented; banded together &c. 712; allied; friendly &c. 888; fraternal; conciliatory; at one with; of one mind &c. (assent) 488.

at peace, in still water; tranquil &c. (pacific) 721.

Adv. with one voice &c. (assent) 488; in concert with, hand in hand; on one's side.

Phr. commune periculum concordiam parit[Lat][obs].