Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 844 (Humorist)

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#844. Humorist. -- N. humorist, wag, wit, reparteeist[obs], epigrammatist, punster; bel esprit, life of the party; wit-snapper, wit- cracker, wit-worm; joker, jester, Joe Miller|!, drole de corps[obs], gaillard[obs], spark; bon diable[Fr]; practical joker.

buffoon, farceur[French], merry-andrew, mime, tumbler, acrobat, mountebank, charlatan, posturemaster[obs], harlequin, punch, pulcinella[obs], scaramouch[obs], clown; wearer of the cap and bells, wearer of the motley; motley fool; pantaloon, gypsy; jack-pudding, jack in the green, jack a dandy; wiseacre, wise guy, smartass [coll.]; fool &c. 501.

zany, madcap; pickle-herring, witling[obs], caricaturist, grimacier[obs]; persifleur[obs].