Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 501 (Fool)

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#501. Fool. -- N. fool, idiot, tomfool, wiseacre, simpleton, witling[obs], dizzard[obs], donkey, ass; ninny, ninnyhammer[obs]; chowderhead[obs], chucklehead[obs]; dolt, booby, Tom Noddy, looby[obs], hoddy-doddy[obs], noddy, nonny, noodle, nizy[obs], owl; goose, goosecap[obs]; imbecile; gaby[obs]; radoteur[obs], nincompoop, badaud[obs], zany; trifler, babbler; pretty fellow; natural, niais[obs].

child, baby, infant, innocent, milksop, sop.

oaf, lout, loon, lown[obs], dullard, doodle, calf, colt, buzzard, block, put, stick, stock, numps[obs], tony.

bull head, dunderhead, addlehead[obs], blockhead, dullhead[obs], loggerhead, jolthead[obs], jolterhead[obs], beetlehead[obs], beetlebrain, grosshead[obs], muttonhead, noodlehead, giddyhead[obs]; numbskull, thickskull[obs]; lackbrain[obs], shallowbrain[obs]; dimwit, halfwit, lackwit[obs]; dunderpate[obs]; lunkhead

sawney[obs][U.S.], gowk[obs]; clod, clod-hopper; clod-poll, clot- poll, clot-pate; bull calf; gawk, Gothamite, lummox, rube [U.S.]; men of Boeotia, wise men of Gotham.

un sot a triple etage[Fr], sot; jobbernowl[obs], changeling, mooncalf, gobemouche[obs].

dotard, driveler; old fogey, old woman, crock; crone, grandmother; cotquean[obs], henhussy[obs].

incompetent (insanity) 503.

greenhorn &c (dupe) 547; dunce &c (ignoramus) 493; lubber &c (bungler) 701; madman &c 504.

one who will not set the Thames on fire; one who did not invent gunpowder, qui n'a pas invente' la poudre [Fr]; no conjuror.

Phr. fortuna favet fatuis[Lat]; les fous font les festinas et les sages les mangent [Fr]; nomina stultorum parietibus harrent [Lat]; stultorum plena sunt omnia [Lat][Cicero].