Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 827 (Pleasure)

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#827. Pleasure. -- N. pleasure, gratification, enjoyment, fruition; oblectation, delectation, delection[obs]; relish, zest; gusto &c. (physical pleasure) 377; satisfaction &c. (content) 831; complacency.

well-being; good &c. 618; snugness, comfort, ease; cushion &c. 215; sans souci[French:without worry], mind at ease.

joy, gladness, delight, glee, cheer, sunshine; cheerfulness &c. 836.

treat, refreshment; amusement &c. 840; luxury &c. 377.

mens sana in corpore sano [Latin: a sound mind in a sound body][Juvenal].

happiness, felicity, bliss; beatitude, beautification; enchantment, transport, rapture, ravishment, ecstasy; summum bonum[Lat]; paradise, elysium &c. ( heaven) 981; third heaven|!, seventh heaven, cloud nine; unalloyed happiness &c.; hedonics[obs], hedonism.

honeymoon; palmy days, halcyon days; golden age, golden time; Dixie, Dixie's land; Saturnia regna[Lat], Arcadia[obs], Shangri-La, happy valley, Agapemone[obs].

V. be pleased &c. 829; feel pleasure, experience pleasure &c. n.; joy; enjoy oneself, hug oneself; be in clover &c. 377, be in elysium &c. 981; tread on enchanted ground; fall into raptures, go into raptures.

feel at home, breathe freely, bask in the sunshine.

be pleased &c. 829 with; receive pleasure, derive pleasure &c. n. from; take pleasure &c. n. in; delight in, rejoice in, indulge in, luxuriate in; gloat over &c. (physical pleasure) 377; enjoy, relish, like; love &c. 897; take to, take a fancy to; have a liking for; enter into the spirit of.

take in good part.

treat oneself to, solace oneself with.

Adj. pleased &c. 829; not sorry; glad, gladsome; pleased as Punch.

happy, blest, blessed, blissful, beatified; happy as a clam at high water [U.S.], happy as a clam, happy as a king, happy as the day is long; thrice happy, ter quaterque beatus[Lat]; enjoying &c. v.; joyful &c. (in spirits) 836; hedonic[obs].

in a blissful state, in paradise &c. 981, in raptures, in ecstasies, in a transport of delight.

comfortable &c. (physical pleasure) 377; at ease; content &c. 831; sans souci[Fr].

overjoyed, entranced, enchanted; enraptures; enravished[obs]; transported; fascinated, captivated.

with a joyful face, with sparkling eyes.

pleasing &c. 829; ecstatic, beatic[obs]; painless, unalloyed, without alloy, cloudless.

Adv. happily &c. adj.; with pleasure &c. (willingfully) 602[obs]; with glee &c. n..

Phr. one's heart leaping with joy.

"a wilderness of sweets" [P.L.]; "I wish you all the joy that you can wish" [M. of Venice]; jour de ma vie; "joy ruled the day and love the night" [Dryden]; "joys season'd high and tasting strong of guilt" [Young]; "oh happiness, our being's end and aim!" [Pope]; "there is a pleasure that is born of pain" [O Meridith]; "throned on highest bliss" [P.L.]; vedi Napoli e poi muori[It]; zwischen Freud und Leid ist die Brucke nicht weit [German: the bridge between joy and sorrow is not wide].