Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 836 (Cheerfulness)

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#836. Cheerfulness. -- N. cheerfulness &c. adj.; geniality, gayety, l'allegro[Fr], cheer, good humor, spirits; high spirits, animal spirits, flow of spirits; glee, high glee, light heart; sunshine of the mind, sunshine of the breast; gaiete de coeur[Fr], bon naturel[Fr].

liveliness &c. adj.; life, alacrity, vivacity, animation, allegresse[obs]; jocundity, joviality, jollity; levity; jocularity &c. (wit) 842.

mirth, merriment, hilarity, exhilaration; laughter &c. 838; merrymaking &c. (amusement) 840; heyday, rejoicing &c. 838; marriage bell.

nepenthe, Euphrosyne[obs], sweet forgetfulness.

optimism &c. (hopefulness) 858; self complacency; hedonics[obs], hedonism.

V. be cheerful &c. adj.; have the mind at ease, smile, put a good face upon, keep up one's spirits; view the bright side of the picture, view things en couleur de rose[Fr]; ridentem dicere virum[Lat], cheer up, brighten up, light up, bear up; chirp, take heart, cast away care, drive dull care away, perk up.

keep a stiff upper lip.

rejoice &c. 838; carol, chirrup, lilt; frisk, rollick, give a loose to mirth.

cheer, enliven, elate, exhilarate, gladden, inspirit, animate, raise the spirits, inspire; perk up; put in good humor; cheer the heart, rejoice the heart; delight &c. (give pleasure) 829.

Adj. cheerful; happy &c. 827; cheery, cheerly[obs]; of good cheer, smiling; blithe; in spirits, in good spirits; breezy, bully, chipper [U.S.]; in high spirits, in high feather; happy as the day is long, happy as a king; gay as a lark; allegro; debonair; light, lightsome, light hearted; buoyant, debonnaire, bright, free and easy, airy; janty[obs], jaunty, canty[obs]; hedonic[obs]; riant[obs]; sprightly, sprightful[obs]; spry; spirited, spiritful[obs]; lively, animated, vivacious; brisk as a bee; sparklinly as a thrush, jolly as a sandboy[obs]; blithesome; gleeful, gleesome[obs]; hilarious, rattling.

winsome, bonny, hearty, buxom.

playful, playsome[obs]; folatre[Fr], playful as a kitten, tricksy[obs], frisky, frolicsome; gamesome; jocose, jocular, waggish; mirth loving, laughter-loving; mirthful, rollicking.

elate, elated; exulting, jubilant, flushed; rejoicing &c. 838; cock-a- hoop.

cheering, inspiriting, exhilarating; cardiac, cardiacal[obs]; pleasing &c. 829; palmy.

Adv. cheerfully &c. adj.

Int. never say die! come! cheer up! hurrah! &c. 838; "hence loathed melancholy!" begone dull care! away with melancholy!

Phr. "a merry heart goes all the day" [A winter's Tale]; "as merry as the day is long" [Much Ado]; ride si sapis [Lat][Martial].