Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 806 (Debt)

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#806. Debt.-- N. debt, obligation, liability, indebtment[obs], debit, score.

bill; check; account (credit) 805.

arrears, deferred payment, deficit, default, insolvency &c. (nonpayment) 808; bad debt.

interest; premium; usance[obs], usury; floating debt, floating capital.

debtor, debitor[obs]; mortgagor; defaulter &c. 808; borrower.

V. be in debt &c. adj.; owe; incur a debt, contract a debt &c. n.; run up a bill, run up a score, run up an account; go on tick; borrow &c. 788; run into debt, get into debt, outrun the constable; run up debts, run up bills (spend) 809..

answer for, go bail for.

[notify a person of his indebtedness: ISA:written_communication] bill, charge.

Adj. indebted; liable, chargeable, answerable for.

in debt, in embarrassed circumstances, in difficulties; incumbered, involved; involved in debt, plunged in debt, deep in debt, over one's head in debt, over head and ears in debt; deeply involved; fast tied up; insolvent &c. (not paying) 808; minus, out of pocket.

unpaid; unrequited, unrewarded; owing, due, in arrear[obs], outstanding; past due.

Phr. aes alienum debitorem leve gravius inimicum facit [obs][Latin]; "neither a borrower nor a lender be" [Hamlet].