Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 809 (Expenditure)

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#809. Expenditure.-- N. expenditure, money going out; out goings, out lay; expenses, disbursement; prime cost &c. (price) 812; circulation; run upon a bank.

payment &c.807[Money paid]; pay &c. (remuneration) 973; bribe &c. 973; fee, footing, garnish; subsidy; tribute; contingent, quota; donation &c.784.

pay in advance, earnest, handsel, deposit, installment.

investment; purchase &c. 795.

V. expend, spend; run through, get through; pay, disburse; ante, ante up; pony up* [U.S.]; open the purse strings, loose the purse strings, untie the purse strings; lay out, shell out*, fork out*, fork over; bleed; make up a sum, invest, sink money.

run up debts, run up bills (debt) 806.

fee &c. (reward) 973; pay one's way &c. (pay) 807; subscribe &c. (give) 784; subsidize.

Adj. expending, expended &c. v.; sumptuary.

Phr. vectigalia nervos esse reipublicae [Lat][Cicero].