Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 748 (Freedom)

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#748. Freedom.-- N. freedom, liberty, independence; license &c. (permission) 760; facility &c. 705.

scope, range, latitude, play; free play, full play, free scope, full scope; free stage and no favor; swing, full swing, elbowroom, margin, rope, wide berth; Liberty Hall.

franchise, denization[obs]; free man, freed man, livery man; denizen.

autonomy, self-government, liberalism, free trade; noninterference &c. 706; Monroe Doctrine [U.S.].

immunity, exemption; emancipation &c. (liberation) 750; enfranchisement, affranchisement[obs].

free land, freehold; allodium[obs]; frankalmoigne[Fr], mortmain[Fr].

bushwhacker; freelance, free thinker, free trader; independent.

V. be free &c. adj.; have scope &c. n., have the run of, have one's own way, have a will of one's own, have one's fling; do what one likes, do what one wishes, do what one pleases, do what one chooses; go at large, feel at home, paddle one's own canoe; stand on one's legs, stand on one's rights; shift for oneself.

take a liberty; make free with, make oneself quite at home; use a freedom; take leave, take French leave.

set free &c. (liberate) 750; give a loose to &c. (permit) 760; allow scope &c. n. to, give scope &c. n. to; give a horse his head.

make free of; give the freedom of, give the franchise; enfranchise, affranchise[obs].

laisser faire[Fr], laisser aller[Fr]; live and let live; leave to oneself; leave alone, let alone.

Adj. free, free as air; out of harness, independent, at large, loose, scot-free; left alone, left to oneself.

in full swing; uncaught, unconstrained, unbuttoned, unconfined, unrestrained, unchecked, unprevented[obs], unhindered, unobstructed, unbound, uncontrolled, untrammeled.

unsubject[obs], ungoverned, unenslaved[obs], unenthralled[obs], unchained, unshackled, unfettered, unreined[obs], unbridled, uncurbed, unmuzzled.

unrestricted, unlimited, unmitigated, unconditional; absolute; discretionary &c. (optional) 600.

unassailed, unforced, uncompelled.

unbiassed[obs], spontaneous.

free and easy; at ease, at one's ease; degage[Fr], quite at home; wanton, rampant, irrepressible, unvanquished[obs].

exempt; freed &c. 750; freeborn; autonomous, freehold, allodial[obs]; gratis &c. 815; eleutherian[obs].

unclaimed, going a begging.

Adv. freely &c. adj.; ad libitum &c. (at will) 600.

Phr. ubi libertas ibi patria[Lat]; free white and twenty-one.