Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 600 (Will)

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#600. Will. -- N. will, volition, conation[obs], velleity; liberum arbitrium[Lat]; will and pleasure, free will; freedom &c. 748; discretion; option &c. (choice) 609; voluntariness[obs]; spontaneity, spontaneousness; originality.

pleasure, wish, mind; desire; frame of mind &c. (inclination) 602; intention &c. 620; predetermination &c. 611; selfcontrol &c. determination &c. (resolution) 604; force of will.

V. will, list; see fit, think fit; determine &c. (resolve) 604; enjoin; settle &c. (choose) 609; volunteer.

have a will of one's own; do what one chooses &c. (freedom) 748; have it's own way; have one's will, have one's own way. use one's discretion, exercise one's discretion; take upon oneself, take one's own course, take the law into one's own hands; do of one's own accord, do upon one;s own authority; originate &c. (cause) 153.

Adj. voluntary, volitional, willful; free &c. 748; optional; discretional, discretionary; volitient[obs], volitive[obs].

minded &c. (willing) 602; prepense &c. (predetermined) 611[obs]; intended &c. 620; autocratic; unbidden &c. (bid &c. 741); spontaneous; original &c. (casual) 153; unconstrained.

Adv. voluntarily &c. adj.; at will, at pleasure; a volonte[Fr], a discretion; al piacere[It]; ad libitum, ad arbitrium[Lat]; as one thinks proper, as it seems good to; a beneplacito[It].

of one's won accord, of one's own free will; proprio motu[Lat], suo motu[Lat], ex meromotu[Lat]; out of one's won head; by choice &c. 609; purposely &c. (intentionally) 620; deliberately &c. 611.

Phr. stet pro ratione voluntas[Lat]; sic volo sic jubeo[Lat]; a vostro beneplacito[It]; beneficium accipere libertatem est vendere[Lat]; Deus vult[Lat]; was man nicht kann meiden muss man willig leiden[Ger].